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Reminder: Rainy Weather

September is sure to be rainy!  We go outside as often as we can, including in the rain, unless there is an extreme weather alert suggesting flood-like downpours.  Our playground has some shady areas and some covered areas in case of inclement weather.

Please remember that playing in the rain is fun and does not make children sick.

We ask that your child is appropriately dressed for all weather conditions.  Please have a raincoat, splash pants, rain hat or hood, waterproof mittens, and rain boots in your child’s cubby at all times.  As always, please ensure your child’s belongings are labeled with their name to avoid confusion.

Thank you for your help in having your child appropriately dressed for the weather conditions each day so they can fully enjoy the outdoors!


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    Sprinkler Day Fun

    During the summer months, sprinkler day is always an exciting activity for the children. (Please click "view" to read more about sprinkler day.)

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    French Class

    In our weekly French class, the children learn basic vocabulary like colours, numbers, shapes, and family members. We read stories, play games, sing songs and engage in other fun activities. It is heartening to see the children pick up French books independently and recreate the stories they have read.

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    Music Class

    The children participate in half-an-hour of music class weekly at Downtown Montessori. Their teacher, Adriana, helps them connect with their musical self and begin to develop basic musicality. (Please click on "view" to read more about music class.)

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    Refinement of Movement

    The children work on refinement of movement activities year-round. The materials help the children to refine small movements of the hand, to exercise and develop hand-eye coordination, and to coordinate two hands working together. These activities also aid in concentration, growth and independence.