Serving Toronto families for more than 40 years, our education experts offer standard-setting programs for infants, toddlers and pre-school children. We want children to be learners, to love to learn, to be part of a community of learners, and to grow into awesome adults who can make a difference in the world.

Reminder: Holidays

As we celebrate the multitude of holidays at this time of year, let us focus on family, friendship, caring, and sharing.  Spending time with our loved ones, giving our attention, sharing our affection, and discovering joy and peace in our daily lives are concepts worthy of striving for not only at this time, but throughout the year.

We believe that knowledge and awareness of various cultures are an integral part of a child’s education.  In keeping with Montessori Philosophy, we do not focus on the commercial aspects of these events (Santa, mythical figures, presents, etc).  Instead, we plan activities around these holidays such as finding a country on the map, learning about some of the popular foods of a culture, a country’s flag, and perhaps some culture-specific dances or songs.  Have safe and happy holidays!


Latest Dispatches

  • Ben's Banana Bread Recipecity place

    Banana Bread Recipe

    Here is one of our favourite and most asked for recipes. (Please click "view" for our chef Ben's Banana Bread Recipe!)

  • Casa child working on constructive trianglescoatsworth

    Constructive Triangles: Large Hexagonal Box

    The child is invited to take out a pair of matching triangles and trace the black line with the index and middle finger. One triangle is used as the “control” and the other is moved slowly along the matching black lines to create a larger triangle. Different sets of triangles can be put together, and then the child can combine the shapes to create various patterns.

  • child under 3 signing cookieinfinity place

    Sign Language

    The children learn to use sign language to aid in their communication. The child in the above photo is imitating a sign for "cookie" depicted by a photo on one side of a card and the corresponding sign on the other. Sign Language practice helps promote self-expression, movement and hand-eye coordination. (Please click on "view" to see more photos of children signing.)

  • children under 2 engaged in Autumn sensory explorationsimcoe place

    Sensorial Exploration

    Sensorial exploration is a fundamental part of development. Children absorb their environment through their senses. In the Under 2 program we are exploring what the seasons have to offer by bringing nature into the classroom and engaging our senses through sensory play. (Please click "view" for more information and photos of sensory exploration in the Autumn.)