Language Acquisition

Within the Montessori environment, language is utilized in all areas of the classroom and throughout the day.  Enriching a child’s vocabulary fosters their ability to clearly communicate and express themselves.  Children’s brains are primed to learn language from before birth to age six, the most critical period for language acquisition. During this time, children can learn language effortlessly.  Language in the Montessori classroom is taught in many different ways; through storytelling and exposure to songs and poems with an emphasis on rhythmic language, as well as by encouraging self expression. In addition, we introduce language by identifying objects through the use of the stereognostic sense and via nomenclature cards.

In the Under 3 program, we present the Two Period Lesson.  This is done by having the teacher first state the name of an object while pointing to it.  Next, the teacher asks the child to hand them or point to an object when they state the name.  This lesson expands a child’s language repertoire and demonstrates understanding of new words.

Child pointing at named objects Child pointing at named nomenclature cards Children observing a puppet play song Children looking at books