The Casa children partake in a food preparation activity weekly, in addition to peeling, spreading, etc. throughout the week.  We create foods such as bread, cakes, and cookies, as well as non-baked goods such as smoothies and rice crispy squares.  The children take turns helping with following the recipe, measuring, pouring, and mixing.  We practice hand washing before and after handling food as part of our hygiene routine.  Many of the Montessori elements in the classroom support various food preparation activities.  Smelling and touching the ingredients falls under the Practical Life and Sensorial domain.  Measuring falls under the umbrella of Math, and Language is expanded upon by naming the  ingredients used.  The area of Culture is supported by discussing the origin of the recipe and its ingredients.  The best part of a food preparation activity is getting to eat our creation!

Child pouring in ingredients Teacher and child cracking an egg into a bowl Child kneading dough Child kneading dough