Beyond Montessori

fresh fruitschildren eating lunch

Our approach to food

Each of our four locations has a chef on site. They are an important part of our community. Every chef has their specialties, and each school has its own “local flavour”. All of our chefs, however, prepare healthy, varied snacks and lunches, drawing on cuisine influences from all over the world. A registered dietician reviews our menus annually, ensuring children get everything they need to feed their active minds.

Meals and snack times provide educational experiences, as well as a peaceful, relaxed time for socialization and conversation. We buy organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible, and are proud to support businesses in our neighbourhoods.

We often customize our menus to suit children who have vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, and gluten free diets. We also take allergies very seriously, and work with parents to develop a nutrition plan to ensure children eat well and eat safely at all times.


  • Adam
    City Place

    Photo: Adam

    Favourite Dish

    vegetable masala with basmati or jasmine rice

    Children’s Favourite Dish



  • Leighton

    Photo: Leighton

    Children’s Favourite Dish:

    “The children’s favourite dishes are Chicken Teriyaki with brown and white rice and sauteed vegetables as well as whole wheat Spaghetti with Chicken Meatballs in a marinara sauce.”

    (Leighton’s food is) “delicious” R. (age 2)

  • Dorothy
    Infinity Place

    Photo: Dorothy

    Favourite Dish

    Turkey Meatloaf

    Children’s Favourite Dish

    Leek and Potato Soup

  • Simone
    Simcoe Place

    Photo: Simone

    Favourite Dish

    “Gingerbread, our bake sale favourite”

Children running

Physical fitness

Each of our centres has playgrounds specifically designed for each age level.  Children learn better when they are physically active, and we make sure they have a rich balance of organized game play and unstructured discovery-based active time.  On days when weather does not allow us to spend sufficient time outside, we set up indoor physical activity facilities to ensure children still get the exercise they need.

Children engaging in yoga with Cheeba


Even in small children, yoga helps provide both physical and mental well being.  Each week, Cheeba takes our Casa children through their favourite poses – shark, tree, cloud pose and so much more – while providing them with the basics of yogic breathing and meditation.

child under 2 playing a xylophone


Our music teacher Adrianna instills the children at all our locations with foundational music appreciation and literacy.  Through songs, games and instruction, children learn the fundamentals of rhythm, melody and harmony.  Adrianna introduces children to a wide range of instruments from around the world, and also teaches them how to use that beautiful instrument they were born with – the human voice.


Casa children are at a unique age where they can learn languages more naturally and deeply than at any other point in their lives.  We provide a foundation in French vocabulary and grammar, helping to prepare the children to participate fully in Canada’s bilingual society.