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  • Child under 3 spreading butter on bread

    Child’s Natural Desire to Learn

    “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” -Maria Montessori.

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  • child under 2 scooping snow

    Yeah Snow!!!

    Throughout the winter months, the children dress in their snowsuits, wear their mittens, put on their hats and boots in order to head out to the playground and play in the snow.

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  • Ben's Banana Bread Recipe

    Banana Bread Recipe

    Here is one of our favourite and most asked for recipes.

    Please click “Banana Bread Recipe” for our chef Ben’s Banana Bread Recipe!

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  • Child under 2 placing a cube on a dowel

    Refinement of Movement

    Placing cubes on a vertical dowel aids a child’s growing ability to use the small muscles of their hands, sharpen hand-eye coordination, and explore different finger grasps.

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  • Children playing ukuleles

    Music Class with Adriana

    In our Montessori environment, it is important that the children have a well-rounded array of experiences, giving them the opportunity to find their passion in life. Our music teacher Adriana creates fun and engaging classes consisting of three components. The children work in small groups to learn the ukulele and others work with the bells. We then have all of the children come together to sing, learn musical vocabulary, notes, rhythms and play instruments.

    Please click on “Music Class with Adriana” to see more photos.

  • Casa child working on constructive triangles

    Constructive Triangles: Large Hexagonal Box

    The child is invited to take out a pair of matching triangles and trace the black line with the index and middle finger. One triangle is used as the “control” and the other is moved slowly along the matching black lines to create a larger triangle. Different sets of triangles can be put together, and then the child can combine the shapes to create various patterns.

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Infinity Place

  • Casa child working on snake game

    Snake Game

    In this Montessori Math activity, the child uses coloured bead bars to signify quantities, further reinforcing combinations that make 10. This colour scheme is the basis of the Montessori Math materials and will follow the child as they proceed to more complex Math materials such as the coloured multiplication beads or the skip counting beads.

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  • Casa children building a holiday tree using Sensorial materials

    Holiday Tree

    Once a child has mastered the visual discrimination materials in the Sensorial area, they are free to explore different combinations. The children are building a holiday tree these materials.

    Please click “Holiday Tree” to read more and to view the full image of their holiday tree.

  • child under 3 signing cookie

    Sign Language

    The children learn to use sign language to aid in their communication. The child in the above photo is imitating a sign for “cookie” depicted by a photo on one side of a card and the corresponding sign on the other. Sign Language practice helps promote self-expression, movement and hand-eye coordination.

    Please click on “Sign Language” to see more photos of children signing.

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Simcoe Place

  • Children moving to music with Adriana

    Music With Adriana!

    Adrianna incorporates various instruments such as the tambourine, drums, flute, guitar, shakers, and bells into the weekly music program.
    The bells are an important part of our Montessori curriculum. The children take great pride in performing songs on the bells in front of their classmates and look forward to their music class. Adriana has recently begun to teach the older students beginner ukulele.

  • Child pointing at named objects

    Language Acquisition

    Enriching a child’s vocabulary fosters the ability to clearly communicate and express oneself. Children’s brains are primed to learn language from before birth to age six, the most critical period for language acquisition, when language can be learned effortlessly. Language in the Montessori classroom is taught in many different ways, such as through storytelling, songs and poems, encouraging self expression, identifying and matching objects to nomenclature cards, and labeling photo representations on nomenclature cards.

  • children under 2 engaged in Autumn sensory exploration

    Sensorial Exploration

    Sensorial exploration is a fundamental part of development. Children absorb their environment through their senses. In the Under 2 program we are exploring what the seasons have to offer by bringing nature into the classroom and engaging our senses through sensory play.

    Please click “Sensorial Exploration” for more information and photos of sensory exploration in the Autumn.

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