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  • Casa Practical Life Activities

    Practical Life Activities

    “The child can only develop fully by means of experience in his environment. We call such experience ‘work’.” -Maria Montessori. Practical life tasks provide an opportunity for the children’s development in the categories of Motor Skill, Self Care, Care of Environment as well as Grace and Courtesy. (Please click on “view” to read about the Practical Life Area and for the photo gallery of work on these activities).

  • stacked wooden blocks


    Our Under 3 Montessori environment supports the need for children’s sensorimotor development by providing a construction area filled with manipulative materials for a variety of construction uses.

    (Please click “view” to read more about the benefits of building activities on children’s development.)

  • child under 2 on sprinkler day

    Sprinkler Day Fun

    During the summer months, sprinkler day is always an exciting activity for the children. They have the opportunity to enjoy this sensory activity from head to toe.

    Please click on “Sprinkler Day Fun” to read more.

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  • Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves!

    Our Under Three Montessori community participates in keeping our environment beautiful and well maintained. In Autumn, we rake up the fallen leaves and jump on them when the opportunity arises! We collect the leaves and place them in a yard waste bag. What a wonderful way to appreciate our environment and promote being an active participant in our community! (Please click “view” for more information and photos).

  • Child under 2 using tongs to serve himself fruit

    Snack in the Under Two Classroom

    The children in our Under 2 classroom are invited to share a snack at our child-sized table and chairs, building their social skills, grace and courtesy. Age appropriate dishes and utensils are used to help with self-serving and self-feeding, aiding in the growth of the children’s confidence and abilities.
    (Please click on “view” to see more photos and information.)

  • child looking at a French book

    French Class

    In our weekly French class, the children learn basic vocabulary like colours, numbers, shapes, and family members. We read stories, play games, sing songs and engage in other fun activities. It is heartening to see the children pick up French books independently and recreate the stories they have read.

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Infinity Place

  • teacher and child under 2 playing peek-a-boo

    Peek- A-Boo

    Children under 2 love to play with scarves or hats, which they discover are a lot of fun to put on or take off. One of their favourite games to play using these items is peek-a-boo! Activities such as this promote social development and receptive language skills, as well as reinforce the concept of object permanence.

    (Please click “view” to for more information and photos.)

  • French colours bulletin board

    French Class

    The Casa children participate in a weekly French class with our French teacher, Cheeba. With the aid of a variety of songs, poems, flash cards and power point presentations, the children interactively learn how to count and expand their French vocabulary.

    (Please click on “view” to read more about French class and to find out some of the children’s favourite French songs.)

  • Casa children in music class with Adriana

    Music Class

    The children participate in half-an-hour of music class weekly at Downtown Montessori. Their teacher, Adriana, helps them connect with their musical self and begin to develop basic musicality.

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Simcoe Place

  • Yoga

    Yoga is an ancient form of exercise and meditation that involves slow movements and deep breathing. Practicing this art aids in the children’s relaxation and balance, body control, and self-discipline. Some of the children’s favourite poses are the “lion”, “mighty mountain”, “sun salutation”, and “downward dog”. (Please click on “view” to see more info and photos).

  • Child holding a glass and walking on a line

    Back to School!

    Preliminary activities in Casa can include rolling and unrolling a mat, carrying a tray, tucking in a chair, walking on a line, and sorting objects into categories. Reviewing the customs and preliminary activities are a foundation for the day-to-day harmonious function of the classroom. We look forward to another great year in Casa!
    (Please click on “view” to see more photos and information!)

  • child working with a bolt, washer and nut

    Refinement of Movement

    The children work on refinement of movement activities year-round. The materials help the children to refine small movements of the hand, to exercise and develop hand-eye coordination, and to coordinate two hands working together. These activities also aid in concentration, growth and independence.

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