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City Place

  • Sprinkler Day Fun

    During the summer months, sprinkler day is always an exciting activity for the children. They have the opportunity to enjoy this sensory activity from head to toe.

    Please click on “Sprinkler Day Fun” to read more.

  • Casa child's journal entry about the development of the blue recycling bin

    Canada 150

    Casa commemorated Canada’s 150th birthday through a month of Canadian themed circle times, lessons and artwork.

    Please click on “Canada 150” to read more and listen to the Casa children’s rendition of “O Canada” in English and French.

  • Casa children in yoga class

    Yoga for Children

    Several articles have been published regarding the benefits of yoga for children’s health and mental well-being as well as on how parents can start a yoga practice in the home.

    Please click on “Yoga for Children” for these articles.

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  • child looking at a French book

    French Class

    In our weekly French class, the children learn basic vocabulary like colours, numbers, shapes, and family members. We read stories, play games, sing songs and engage in other fun activities. It is heartening to see the children pick up French books independently and recreate the stories they have read.

  • Children playing ukuleles at the Canada 150 celebration

    Canada 150 Celebration!

    Happy Canada Day! We all came together for our annual community gathering and celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday. The children in Casa put on a performance singing songs like “Land of the Silver Birch”, and showed off their skills with ukuleles!

    Please click on “Canada 150 Celebration! to view more photos.

  • Beans ready to harvest

    Gardening and Harvesting!

    The children have been busy pulling weeds, collecting yard waste, watering plants, and keeping our playground beautiful. We planted beans, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lavender, morning glories, and our ribbon plant cuttings, maintained them and watched them grow.

    Please click on “Gardening and Harvesting” for more photos and information.

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Infinity Place

  • Casa children in music class with Adriana

    Music Class

    The children participate in half-an-hour of music class weekly at Downtown Montessori. Their teacher, Adriana, helps them connect with their musical self and begin to develop basic musicality.

  • Canada Day display

    Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

    Everyone enjoyed celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. The children in the Under 3 community participated in a variety of fun and meaningful activities!

    Please click on “Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday” to learn more about these activities.

  • Child under 2 cleaning

    Dramatic Play

    Dramatic play is a part of every child’s growth and development. It often occurs in the form of imitation, as most children do this in their process of adaptation. Thus, allowing them the opportunity to develop a sense of self and receptive language skills.

    Please click on “Dramatic Play” for more information and photos.

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Simcoe Place

  • child working with a bolt, washer and nut

    Refinement of Movement

    The children work on refinement of movement activities year-round. The materials help the children to refine small movements of the hand, to exercise and develop hand-eye coordination, and to coordinate two hands working together. These activities also aid in concentration, growth and independence.

  • Children exploring water play

    Water Play!

    During the summer months, the children enjoy plenty of water play such as scooping and pouring water, using cloths and sponges, and exploring the sprinkler. Water play provides an opportunity to enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration and social skills.

    Please click on “Water Play!” to learn more about our exciting sensory experiences!

  • Child gluing 3D objects on a head piece

    Celebrating Aboriginal Day!

    We read stories and learned about Indigenous culture, created art, and discussed traditional clothing and some of the cultural items such as inukshuks, totems, tepees and dream catchers.

    “We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Aboriginal proverb

    Please click on “Celebrating Aboriginal Day!” for more photos.

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