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City Place

  • Casa children in yoga class

    Yoga for Children

    Several articles have been published regarding the benefits of yoga for children’s health and mental well-being as well as on how parents can start a yoga practice in the home.

    (Please click on “view” for these articles.)

  • sweet potato experiment

    Watch Me Grow!

    In the Under 3 classroom, we did an experiment with a sweet potato. We submerged half a sweet potato in water and waited to see what would happen.

    Please click on “Watch Me Grow” to see what happened and what we did next!

  • Under 2 family music class with Adrianna

    Family Music Class

    In celebration of families, we invited our families to join us for Music Class with Adrianna. The parents had the opportunity to engage and participate in songs with musical instruments and puppets. The children seemed to enjoy sharing this experience with their parents!

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  • Beans ready to harvest

    Gardening and Harvesting!

    The children have been busy pulling weeds, collecting yard waste, watering plants, and keeping our playground beautiful. We planted beans, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lavender, morning glories, and our ribbon plant cuttings, maintained them and watched them grow.
    (Please click on ‘view” for more photos and information.)

  • Child sponge painting


    Painting and printmaking create wonderful opportunities for infants to learn while they express themselves creatively. They enhance their tactile and sensory skills, experiment with cause and effect, and work on their palmar and pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination, and two hands working together in mid line.

    Please click on “Painting!” to see more samples of our beautiful art!

  • Solar system children's artwork bulletin board

    Exploring Outer Space

    The children have been intrigued about space. We were very interested in learning about the Earth, stars, moon, meteors and meteorites, an asteroid belt, the dwarf planets, comets, universe, constellations, galaxies, each planet, and so much more.

    To learn more about outer space and fun facts about each planet, click on “Exploring Outer Space”.

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Infinity Place

  • Child under 2 cleaning

    Dramatic Play

    Dramatic play is a part of every child’s growth and development. It often occurs in the form of imitation, as most children do this in their process of adaptation. Thus, allowing them the opportunity to develop a sense of self and receptive language skills.

    (Please click on “view” for more information and photo examples of dramatic play.)

  • Saving our Honeybees Display

    Our Honeybee Project

    In exploring about ways to protect the Earth and conserve its resources, the Casa class started the Honeybee Initiative. The class explored different aspects regarding bees such as their function, importance and anatomy. We also did our part by planting sunflowers with each child caring for a plant. Please help Save Our Bees!

    Please click on “Our Honeybee Project” for more information about the Honeybee Initiative.

  • Casa children practicing yoga

    Yoga Practice

    The practice of yoga helps the children become aware of their body and strengthens their control of movement, thus encouraging the development of self-discipline. Of course, the best part for the children is having their own mat!

    Please click on “Yoga Practice” for more information about yoga.

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Simcoe Place

  • Child gluing 3D objects on a head piece

    Celebrating Aboriginal Day!

    We read stories and learned about Indigenous culture, created art, and discussed traditional clothing and some of the cultural items such as inukshuks, totems, tepees and dream catchers.

    “We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Aboriginal proverb
    (Please click on “view” for more photos.)

  • Cinco de Mayo snack

    Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

    During the month of May, Casa celebrated Cinco de Mayo by making colourful sombreros, dancing to music from Mexico and making our very own guacamole. Using fresh ingredients, the children learned to measure, mix and grind. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Click on “Cinco de Mayo Celebration!” to see the recipe for our guacamole and more pictures!

  • Children stirring cookie mixture

    Baking cookies!

    Baking is a practical life skill through which children learn how to follow recipes, measure ingredients, and create new substances, all while increasing self help and independence. After preparing the cookies in the morning, they were baked during rest time and the children woke up to warm, delicious cookies!

    See more about our cookie making process by clicking on “Baking cookies!”.

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