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  • Casa child's drawing of Maria Montessori

    Praise Versus Encouragement

    Maria Montessori believed that excessive, long-term praise can inhibit children from gaining independence because they rely heavily on the praise of those in positions of authority. As an alternative, encouragement can be empowering.

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  • Portrait of Adam

    Welcome to City Place, Adam!

    Dear Families,

    Please welcome Adam Lacroix to our team as he takes on the position of the City Place Cook.

    Adam brings over ten years of experience in the hospitality industry with progressive responsibility and lives by the philosophy to always do what you love and love what you do.

  • Child under 3 spreading butter on bread

    Child’s Natural Desire to Learn

    “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” -Maria Montessori.

    (Please click on “view” to see more photos of a child’s typical day in the Under 3 classroom).

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  • Children engaging in yoga with Cheeba

    Yoga Class!

    One of our favourite activities to participate in is weekly yoga class with our instructor, Cheeba. The children thoroughly enjoy practicing this art which aids them in relaxation, balance, body control, and self-discipline. In this picture, the children are working together to form a flower with their bodies!

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  • Child playing in the snow

    Winter Fun!

    Look at the fun we have in the snow! We shovel, scoop, fill buckets, build and climb mountains, make snowballs, snow people and snow molds, pull sleds, make snow angels, and have an awesome time! The children are encouraged to discover and preserve the beauty around them while experiencing inner peace and tranquility, a process Dr. Montessori called “cosmic education”.

    (Please click on “Winter Fun!” for more photos and information).

  • Child under 2 placing a cube on a dowel

    Refinement of Movement

    Placing cubes on a vertical dowel aids a child’s growing ability to use the small muscles of their hands, sharpen hand-eye coordination, and explore different finger grasps.

    (Please click on “Refinement of Movement” to see more information and photos).

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Infinity Place

  • Child under 3 sewing


    In the Under 3 Community, sewing is one of the challenging activities as it includes a sequence of steps and the manipulation of two objects at the same time.

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  • Child under 2 pouring

    Pouring Activity

    The materials in the Practical Life area of the Montessori community are meant to provide children with opportunities to coordinate and refine their hand movements by means of experience, particularly through repetition. The pouring activities aim to encourage precise movement, concentration, confidence, and independence by learning to do this task independently.

    (Please click on “Pouring Activity” to read more about pouring activities.)

  • Casa child working on snake game

    Snake Game

    In this Montessori Math activity, the child uses coloured bead bars to signify quantities, further reinforcing combinations that make 10. This colour scheme is the basis of the Montessori Math materials and will follow the child as they proceed to more complex Math materials such as the coloured multiplication beads or the skip counting beads.

    (Please click “Snake Game” to read more about the activity and to view photos.)

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Simcoe Place

  • Children planting and painting

    Welcome Spring!

    Spring is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. In our Under 2 program, the children participated in activities such as planting seeds, transplanting flowers into pots, painting with flowers, and exploring sensory activities that incorporate colours and flowers. (Please click on “view” to see more photos and information).

  • Child kneading dough


    The Casa children partake in a food preparation activity weekly, in addition to peeling, spreading, etc. throughout the week. We create foods such as bread, cakes, and cookies, as well as non-baked goods such as smoothies and rice crispy squares. The best part is getting to eat our creation!

    (Please click on “Baking!” to see more photos and information).

  • Children moving to music with Adriana

    Music With Adriana!

    Adrianna incorporates various instruments such as the tambourine, drums, flute, guitar, shakers, and bells into the weekly music program. The bells are an important part of our Montessori curriculum. The children take great pride in performing songs on the bells in front of their classmates and look forward to their music class. Adriana has recently begun to teach the older students beginner ukulele.

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